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Ethnicity, Religious inclination We’ll Protect Nigerians’ Rights Regardless Of Religious, Ethnic Sentiments – Shettima

Vice President Kashim Shettima has assured that the rights of all Nigerians irrespective of their religious and ethnic beliefs will be protected under the Bola Tinubu administration.

He stated this during a special prayer organized by the Jam’iyyatu Ansariddeen Attijaniyya of Nigeria in honour of the tefs will be protected under the current administrationIn a statement by his spokesman, Stanley Nwokocha, Shettima emphasized the importance of inclusivity and respect for religious freedom in a nation with a population of over 200 million people divided along religious and ethnic lines. He said: “In our diverse nation, it is our duty to ensure every Nigerian can practice their religion freely without fear or discrimination.

We extend a hand of friendship to the Jam’iyyatu Ansariddeen Attijaniyya, commending your efforts in promoting peaceful coexistence among different religious communities.” Shettima stated that President Bola Tinubu is committed to protecting the rights and freedom of all Nigerians, regardless of their beliefs and ethnicity.

The Vice President also called for collective action, stressing the need to build a nation with the bricks of compassion, justice and fairness. He implored Nigerians to join hands in the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood in fulfilling the nation’s obligations to its people and embracing the Prophet’s timeless teachings. “Our road to the place of hope is strewn with our commitment to building a nation with the bricks of compassion, justice, and fairness. The miracle of this dream rests on our adherence to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, and I urge all Nigerians to join us in the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood on our long walk to fulfil our obligations to the people. “The teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) serve as a compass guiding us through the complexities of a multicultural world. He left us a template to manage a diverse society fairly.

He taught us ways to build peace and resolve conflicts through dialogue, through kindness and through tolerance,” he stated.Addressing the challenges faced by the nation, Shettima acknowledged the burden of trust bestowed on President Tinubu by the Nigerian people.

He also called for reflection and prayer for the President and other leaders, urging all citizens to remember their purpose in a world filled with trials and distractions.

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