Lewandowski Confident Barcelona Can Beat Real Madrid Even with Mbappe

Barcelona striker Robert Lewandowski has expressed confidence that his team can still compete with and defeat Real Madrid, even with the anticipated addition of Kylian Mbappé to Los Blancos’ lineup.

Mbappé is expected to join Real Madrid after the Champions League final, a move that has garnered much attention. Despite Real Madrid’s dominance over Barcelona this season and their position as La Liga champions with a 12-point lead, Lewandowski remains unfazed.

In an interview with Marca, Lewandowski acknowledged Mbappé’s talent but emphasized Barcelona’s ability to compete as a team. He stated, “Scared? No. Of course, Mbappé is an amazing player and if he joins Real Madrid, the team will be very strong. But our mindset will be like, it doesn’t matter how good players they are. If we as a team are working together, with the mindset that we can beat them, we can compete with them.”

Barcelona is set to face Real Madrid in the final round of La Liga fixtures this weekend, and Lewandowski’s comments reflect his determination and belief in his team’s capabilities, regardless of their rival’s reinforcements.

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